UC Regents discuss UCOP audit implementation, student climate

The UC Regents assembled Wednesday at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center for the second day of its regular July meeting. Among the presented topics, the regents discussed student life, implementation of UCOP audit recommendations and potentially adding letters of recommendation to the UC application process.
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Open contradictions

UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS: The university’s recently passed open access research policy is at odds with the goals of the open access movement.

Earlier this summer, The Daily Calfornian wrote an editorial in support of the nationwide open access movement, which aims to make results of government-funded research freely available to the public online. On July 24, the UC Academic Senate proudly announced that beginning in November, anyone will be able to access
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Birgeneau calls increasing campus autonomy appropriate evolution of UC

In an interview Tuesday, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau responded to criticism of the controversial report he and other campus officials released Monday urging for increased local governance at UC campuses. The proposal — which recommends that campuses be given control over approval of capital projects, academic programs and salaries
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A quantitative question

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The University of California should allow students to state their sexual orientation. The benefits far outweigh the costs.

Diversity remains a hot topic across the University of California system. At UC Berkeley, for example, the Division of Equity and Inclusion oversees initiatives to better serve students of all backgrounds. A plan that would ask new UC students to state their sexual orientation is a positive step toward further
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