College sports at a crossroads

The Critic Who Counts

If impulsive California legislators and the money-hungry National College Players Association have their way, UC Berkeley athletes may soon be going pro. The Sacramento Bee reported Saturday that California State Assembly Bill 475, currently being considered in committee, would require UC Berkeley and UCLA to pay student athletes an annual
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The ‘holistic’ admissions lie

The Devil's Advocate

Today, UC Berkeley’s application for fall 2013 admission will become available online. Nervous high school seniors around the world will finally be able to begin the rather unpleasant process of compiling grades, SAT scores, extracurricular activities and essays and entering them into the university’s sleek, blue application portal. Unfortunately, UC
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UC admits fewer California residents, more students in next year’s freshman class

UC Berkeley was the only campus not to increase nonresident admits

The admissions rate for in-state residents to the University of California decreased by about 3.6 percent for the incoming freshman class, according to data released by the UC Office of the President Tuesday. This drop in California resident freshman admissions is a continuation of a trend that has been in effect for at least
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