The black hole as a nonmetaphor

Loryn Cook/File

  Last week, a group of UC Berkeley researchers led by astronomy professor Chung-Pei Ma discovered an extraordinarily large black hole. A “supermassive” black hole, one of such extraordinarily powerful, light-compressing darkness that it could swallow 5.5 quadrillion Earths with the same masochistic nonchalance of a fraternity brother shot-gunning a
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The Posturing of Condoms

I’m not too aware of many sexy responses to the question, “Can I take the condom off?” Honestly, at this point, I just get excited that the guy even asks. Maybe this is just my experience — it’s possible — but most guys haven’t even had the decency to ask.
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The Beaker Blues

  Here’s a question: What’s a problem a theoretical neuroscientist, a biochemist and a zoologist can’t solve?   The answer is how to combat barriers in their very own labs. If you haven’t heard by now, UC Berkeley is the best public university in the world — and not only
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