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Students experiment with new social networking app

Students strolling through Sproul Plaza Thursday — many enticed by the free hot dogs — stopped to explore a new social networking app, which allows students to meet people in the university community with similar interests. Ntro — created and promoted by the company nProgress, Inc. — connects people based
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Birgeneau talks cuts at year-opening press conference

UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Harry Le Grande met with reporters from The Daily Californian and other media outlets to discuss the major issues the campus will be facing this school year. Among the issues discussed were
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How much weight can Lower Sproul take?

Four months ago, UC Berkeley engineers and administrators — fearing that excessive weight could cause damage to the garage below — refused to allow any vehicle larger than a golf cart drive across the Lower Sproul Plaza. Monday night, approximately 1,500 Greek-curious students — whose combined weight far outstrips that
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Berkeley professor named among world’s top innovators

Pieter Abbeel, a UC Berkeley assistant professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences known for programming robots to learn basic household tasks like folding towels and pairing socks, has been named on a list of the world’s top young innovators published in Technology Review Tuesday. Abbeel, along with 34
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Berkeley graduates detained, released in BART protest

During Monday’s BART protest in San Francisco, two UC Berkeley alumni were detained by police and released after approximately 30 minutes. Josh Wolf and Helene Goupil, graduates of the campus’s Graduate School of Journalism, were among a group of approximately 40 protesters detained by the San Francisco Police Department along
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Cloud of budget cuts hangs over Caltopia

On a cloudy Monday morning, students flocked to Caltopia — Cal Recreational Sports’ annual festival — where 30,000 guests enjoyed giveaways and games at the Recreational Sports Facility. But despite the lighthearted atmosphere of the event — which featured activities hosted by over 100 local and national sponsors and exhibitors
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More touching means more winning?

Should the Dallas Mavericks pull off an NBA Finals upset over Miami’s Big Three, everyone’s top two reasons will likely be: Dirk playing like Dirk, or LeBron James … not playing as well. Researchers from Cal have another hypothesis:

UC Berkeley to compete for energy research grant

As part of an international research initiative, UC Berkeley will be one of five universities eligible to apply for about $10 million in grants set aside for energy research in the United States. Along with the California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University and the University of
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