Yudof to recommend 9.6 percent fee hike at Regents meeting

After being hit with $650 million in cuts from state funding, UC President Mark Yudof will propose the implementation of a 9.6 percent tuition increase at the UC Board of Regents meeting in less than two weeks as part of an effort to overcome what could amount to over $1
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Carryn Barker reads her notes in Pimentel Hall. Barker and other nonresidents could be affected by certain summer fee increases.

Summer Sessions nonresident tuition fees could rise

A long-standing state subsidy allowing nonresident University of California students to pay resident fees for summer courses may be in jeopardy as uncertainty about California’s state budget continues to loom. For nearly a decade, nonresidents have been spared the out-of-state and international tuition fees that students are normally subject to 
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Livermore Lab retirees may appeal benefits lawsuit decision

UC retirees who worked at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory were left to consider an appeal May 26 after the Alameda County Superior Court ruled in favor of the UC Board of Regents after a nine-month petition process revolving around retirement health benefits. The UC Livermore Retiree Group — whose
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Supreme Court upholds in-state tuition for undocumented students

After nearly six years of petitions and appeals, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal on Monday that challenged a state law allowing undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at California universities and colleges. The plaintiffs — 42 former UC, CSU and California Community College students who each
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AB 540 lawsuit may go to Supreme Court

After nearly six years of petitions and appeals, a class action suit against the UC Board of Regents may advance to the U.S. Supreme Court by the end of June. A group of 42 former UC, California State University and California Community College students — all of whom are U.S.
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UC nurses’ association ratifies labor agreement

Nurses throughout the University of California voted last Thursday to ratify a multiyear labor agreement with the university — the first in nearly a decade. The 26-month pact is the first multiyear agreement in years with the California Nurses Association — which represents nearly 11,000 nurses systemwide, including over 30
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UC raises retirement plan contributions

The University of California and its faculty and staff will be contributing more to the university’s underfunded pension plan beginning July 1. The UC Board of Regents approved the increases — which will see most faculty and staff paying 3.5 percent of their total compensation while the university will pay
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Jonathan Stein

Student nominated for regent-designate

Jonathan Stein already has one specific goal in mind should he assume the position of Student Regent-Designate starting in July — be accessible. Selected from a pool of 56 applicants from all 10 UC campuses in a process that took five months and three sets of interviews, Stein — a
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The empty gesture

Jesse Cheng’s decision to resign prematurely leaves his tumultuous term as UC student Regent unfinished.

UC student Regent Jesse Cheng’s premature resignation leaves his tenure incomplete after a term marred by controversy. The scandal he faced is enough to make most public officials resign immediately, but his waiting for two months to pass after receiving a student conduct violation for sexual battery by the UC
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Get it together

The decision to partially rescind project approval for the Memorial Stadium renovation project was responsible.

The UC Board of Regents’ unanimous decision to partially rescind their previously accepted California Memorial Stadium project approval was a responsibly cautious move. Though we wish the rescission were unnecessary, in light of the current legal concerns surrounding the renovation project, we understand the board’s action. On November 29, 2010
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