The UC’s $1 million mistake

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: An expensive settlement regarding last fall’s pepper-spraying incident at UC Davis could have been avoided by the university.

The University of California shouldn’t need to pay about $1 million to settle a lawsuit stemming from mismanagement of campus protests. If UC Davis set better policy prior to November 2011, when police pepper-sprayed a group of peaceful protesters, a lawsuit wouldn’t be necessary. But the university failed to avoid
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UC releases final report on protest policies

Ten months after campus police on UC campuses made national news for using batons and pepper spray on student protesters last November, the UC Office of the President released the final version of a report commissioned by the University to review existing police and protest management policies Thursday.
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Report on UC Davis pepper spray incident blames administrators, police

An investigative report released at noon Wednesday lambasted UC Davis administrators and police officials for their handling of a Nov. 18 protest in which police pepper-sprayed student demonstrators. The 190-page report faults ineffectual administrative decision-making, poor police planning and weak chains of communication for the pepper-spraying. Along with the findings
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