Employees should retire with dignity

UC employees feel like they are paying more now to ultimately get less in retirement benefits in the future

Everyone should be able to retire with dignity with a pension after a lifetime of work. Productivity has increased dramatically over the last 30 years, but most of this increased income has gone to the top 1 percent of earners. At the same time, these earners in the top 1
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Yudof discusses tenure, future of higher education

UC President Mark Yudof spoke at an event in San Francisco on Tuesday, answering questions about his tenure as president and the complicated problems that public higher education has faced in recent years. Yudof, who is set to step down in August after almost five years in office, leaves behind a mixed
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UC Regents pressed to find Yudof’s successor

The last two presidential searches – Yudof’s in 2007-08 and his predecessor Robert Dynes’ in 2002-03 – had about 11 months to complete and designated a successor 3 months before the outgoing president officially stepped down.
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