Who is going to fight for us now?

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: With the tuition hike approved, the university moves away from its traditional, state-funded model and increases its dependence on students.

When the state allows a university to turn students into a significant source of funding, it is allowing the university to slowly discard its public identity.
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Who should define civility?

CAMPUS ISSUES: Chancellor Nicholas Dirks' email, in which he calls for civility as a precondition of free speech, fails to properly define civility.

The naturally ambiguous definition of “civility” has sparked intense discourse on the UC Berkeley campus after Chancellor Nicholas Dirks sent an email Sept. 5 entitled “Civility and Free Speech.”
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Napolitano makes progress

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: UC President Janet Napolitano has started to address criticism of her record with a new aid plan for undocumented students

Since she was announced in mid-July as the pick to be the next president of the University of California, Janet Napolitano has endured much criticism. Pegged by many as a government official responsible for anti-immigrant policies and the actions of the much maligned Department of Homeland Security, Napolitano was rightfully
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