UC Berkeley to abandon SHIP

Campus to return to locally managed health care plan

Following months of controversy, UC Berkeley announced that it will withdraw from the systemwide UC Student Health Insurance Plan in the fall.
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Lessons from divestment

CAMPUS ISSUES: Should the ASUC Senate once again consider an Israel-related divestment bill, it should learn from its 2010 effort.

Israel-related divestment is once again a pressing issue in the UC system. But this time, student governments at campuses other than UC Berkeley are the ones addressing the topic — so far. UC Riverside’s student government recently passed a resolution calling on the university to divest from companies with ties
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UC Riverside chancellor to head CSU system

UC Riverside Chancellor Timothy White will replace Charles Reed as chancellor of the California State system, officials announced Thursday. White will assume the position as the head of the 23-campus system at the end of December. “I feel this is a tremendous opportunity for me to try to do more
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