A guide to fossil fuel divestment

Grass Roots

I’m not pro-ASUC. Whenever I hear the latest drama from the ASUC Senate, I sigh and wonder if any of the bills they pass will actually change the way our university functions. I recognize this is unfair for those students involved in the student government, who I know work very
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Former chancellor and UC president awarded UC Presidential Medal

UC President Mark Yudof has awarded former UC president and UC San Diego chancellor Richard Atkinson the UC Presidential Medal, officials announced Monday. “Richard has re-defined the relationship between academia and industry, re-shaped the field of university administration and helped revolutionize scholarly disciplines ranging from experimental psychology to applied mathematics,”
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Off the beat: Working on foreign soil

I became part of The Daily Californian staff. I courted student organizations at Calapalooza. I visited my friend in her dorm, almost went to New Student Convocation, sniffed out free food on campus and shopped at thrift stores on Telegraph. All this, without actually enrolling at Cal. You see, I have
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