Marin County elementary school experiences COVID-19 delta outbreak

photo of a girl putting on a face mask
Sunny Shen/Senior Staff
An elementary school in Marin County experienced a COVID-19 outbreak, associated with an unvaccinated teacher who was occasionally unmasked. 12 of 24 students in the class tested positive for COVID-19, which subsequently spread to community members outside the school.

An elementary school in Marin County experienced an outbreak of the COVID-19 delta variant, associated with a teacher who was unvaccinated and unmasked at times.
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Photo of young falcons

UC Berkeley’s peregrine falcon chicks determined to be male

On May 12, UC Berkeley’s three new peregrine falcons were all determined to be male during Banding Day. Each chick received one band from the national Bird Banding Laboratory with a unique nine-digit number, along with a four-digit visual identification band that allows people to more easily identify the birds from a distance. 
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