UC Berkeley to abandon SHIP

Campus to return to locally managed health care plan

Following months of controversy, UC Berkeley announced that it will withdraw from the systemwide UC Student Health Insurance Plan in the fall.
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Abandon SHIP

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Following the recommendation of student leaders, UC Berk eley should withdraw from the UC Student Health Insurance Plan.

In theory, the UC Student Health Insurance Plan’s benefits should outweigh its costs. But in practice, they don’t. For this reason, UC Berkeley should withdraw from the systemwide plan and revert to managing its own health coverage for its own students. SHIP was supposed to unite all UC campuses under
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SHIP in the right direction

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The UC SHIP Advisory Board was right to recommend eliminating coverage caps. SHIP should comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Life or death should not depend on one’s ability to pay. The UC Student Health Insurance Plan Advisory Board understands this. In the face of mounting public pressure from students across the university as well as public officials like UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the board
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SHIP’s future is not certain

Campus will work to maintain quality care despite SHIP crisis

In recent weeks, officials who oversee the UC Student Health Insurance Program, now in place on all UC campuses, announced that the program is carrying a projected $57 million deficit and that the increased cost could very well be passed along to UC students in the form of notably higher
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Saving the sinking SHIP

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: The UC Student Health Insurance Plan’s projected $57 million deficit reflects poor management by university administrators.

Students may need to pay a steep price for administrative mismanagements that led to a $57 million projected deficit for the UC Student Health Insurance Plan over the 2010-13 plan years. If UC SHIP needs to raise premiums in order to cover its three-year shortfall, students most sorely in need
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