Employee strike harms patient care

Two-day strike disrupts patient care, costs university millions

The union representing University of California patient-care employees staged a two-day strike across the five UC medical centers last week, disrupting care for patients and costing the university millions of dollars. The vast majority of union-represented staff members scheduled to work showed up to do their jobs nonetheless, while picketers
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Charts: The cost of higher education

After narrowly escaping tuition hikes with the passage of Proposition 30 Tuesday, the UC Board of Regents will consider tuition increases for 61 professional degree programs at its meeting next week. Graduate students across the UC could see increases of up to 35 percent. If the Regents approve the tuition
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As November election approaches, student advocacy increases

As state funding continues to be an unreliable source for the university, increasing tuition has often become the go-to solution for a board struggling to maintain the university’s academic potential while balancing its checkbooks — despite opposition by individual members of the board, some UC administrators and many students. With
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