Pardon the interruption

NATIONAL ISSUES: Former ASUC Senator and UC Berkeley alumnus Ju Hong took a bold stand by interrupting President Obama’s speech.

Going into President Barack Obama’s big immigration speech last week in San Francisco, few expected to hear anything beyond his usual pro-reform stump speech. In the middle of Obama’s remarks, however, it was quickly apparent that there was nothing usual about this event. Among the many people standing behind the
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It’s time to return to the economics of immigration reform

If you’re like me and scan headlines over breakfast, hoping for mention of immigration reform, you know the past weeks have been rough — that oatmeal just doesn’t shine as it did when bipartisan efforts were under way. And when you remember that time is running out with the upcoming
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Trust in the future

STATE ISSUES: Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto of the TRUST Act, while understandable, hinders a logical policy reform. The act must pass in the future.

Undocumented immigrants who commit minor crimes should not be deported. If Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation known as the TRUST Act, that principle would be state law. But he vetoed the bill, saying that it was “fatally flawed.” Under the bill, local law enforcement would not comply with an immigration
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