Millennials will not follow the carrot


By this point, you’ve all visited the Secret Millennial Research Facility. There’s one right here at the Tang Center. You know, the one where they dangle the carrot on the stick and you run through the maze and at the end you get to choose an Xbox One or a
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Financial literacy is a must

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley students should take advantage of available resources so they can learn to manage their own finances.

As a result of our country’s competitive economic landscape, current UC Berkeley students more than ever need to become fiscally savvy in order to stay afloat. While it’s true that the obstacles faced today by college students are more challenging than at any time since before World War II, this
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City, state, national unemployment rates unchanged in February

The city of Berkeley’s unemployment rate showed no change in February, staying at January’s rate of 9.1 percent, according to preliminary figures released Friday by the California Employment Development Department. The state of California and the nation’s unemployment rates also stagnated in February, with the state’s showing no change from its January
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