Shared strike responsibility

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: While the UC service workers union makes startling allegations about managerial misconduct, the strike had its own issues.

Much like middle-class jobs, affordable college tuition and Polaroid pictures, seeing a workers’ strike often feels like a relic of days past. Perhaps this is why when our campus’s graduate students took to the picket line Wednesday to stand with the university’s striking service workers, much of the student body
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We needed the BART strike

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: Because of the impasse in negotiations, BART workers had no choice other than striking to win necessary workplace reform

The recently concluded BART strike, although inconvenient for Bay Area commuters and costly to the local economy, was an action unfortunately made necessary by last week’s impasse in negotiations. BART’s management and the unions, who appeared to be far apart with their final offers on pay increases, employee health care
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Cooling down BART and the unions

The Political Circus

The BART strike that ended earlier this week was both unfortunate and unacceptable. And although the crisis is over, the unions and BART management need to take action to prevent such wide-scale disruptions of mass transit in the future. During the previous strike, BART unions stopped transit for four days,
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Why BART workers should stop complaining

Notes from Underground

For Berkeley students and Bay Area residents in general, the BART strike was a major inconvenience. Most of us don’t drive, and even those who do prefer to use public transportation over long distances. As such, it’s not uncommon to think that the unions have the upper hand in this
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Switching to solid ground

Healthcare workers at Alta Bates will be switching to new union for stronger benefits

Whether it’s Alta Bates Summit Hospital rising above Ashby and Telegraph, or the Herrick Campus serving psychiatric patients, or the towering complex of health facilities at the Summit Campus near Downtown Oakland, East Bay residents are intimately familiar with Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. These are hospitals where our children
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Running on empty

CITY AFFAIRS: The city of Berkeley must find a solution to its pension problem more quickly if it wants to avoid bankruptcy.

At a Berkeley City Council meeting on Feb. 9, 2010, Councilmember Laurie Capitelli said that the consequences of not dealing with a pensions system that costs the city millions of dollars each year “could be really bad” and that “we don’t want to just kick the can further down the
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