Storify: Updates and tweets remembering Henry Treadway

A UC Berkeley student died Tuesday night after falling from a window in Towle Hall in the Unit 2 Residence Halls. Community members have identified the student as Henry Treadway and are sharing their grief and thoughts about him on various social media outlets. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s Bureau identified the
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Faces of Berkeley: Derek Low, the mind behind B.R.A.D.

UC Berkeley freshman creates automated haven of dorm room

At first glance, UC Berkeley freshman Derek Low’s dorm room seems like a normal triple — two parallel bunk beds line the walls, furniture is crammed into every corner, and a few colorful posters are tacked to the closet doors. But a closer look reveals motion detectors at the room’s
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Summer Housing

Where can you call home this summer?

There are always those who choose to remain in Berkeley over the summer, whether they take classes, apply to internships, or just enjoy the city. Luckily Berkeley offers plenty of summer housing options to choose from for students who decide to remain. Plenty of subletting openings are available to people
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