Taxing email? We can’t make this stuff up!

Just in case you haven’t managed to fully comprehend the meaning of the word “sequester” over the last few months – and years, really – of partisan bickering, it has massive financial implications for the entire country, and more importantly, Berkeley. While Mitt Romney’s favorite “Sesame Street” hasn’t been put
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You’ve got mail

CITY AFFAIRS: While still essential, post offices must adapt. Consolidating offices, including the Downtown Berkeley one, makes sense.

Mail remains an essential service in this country, so the U.S. Postal Service is making cuts in an effort to save money. It is because of this that we disagree with the Berkeley City Council’s decision to mobilize against the sale of the city’s main post office, currently located in Downtown Berkeley.
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Bay Area post offices to shorten hours

With the increase in email usage and online correspondence, post offices in the Bay Area are set to cut back their hours starting next month, according to Bay City News. Beginning Feb. 20, 61 post offices in six Bay Area counties will have shorter hours, with most opening 30 minutes
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