Berkeley residents step up to foot the bill of recent referendum campaign

Ariel Hayat/Staff
UC Berkeley students express their support for the United Student District Amendment map at a Berkeley City Council meeting Dec. 3.

While UC Berkeley students have been among the most outspoken advocates for the creation of a new student majority district, it was community members who stepped up to foot the bill of a campaign seeking to overturn the recently-approved controversial district lines.
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The student district must not be defeated

CITY AFFAIRS: Divided supporters of a student supermajority district risk losing student representation if they don't unify for the November referenda.

As Berkeley inches toward the November election and grinds closer to the conclusion of a chaotic, years-long redistricting process, the realization of a student supermajority City Council district — which seemed within grasp earlier this year — is in peril.
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It’s time to compromise on a student district

CITY AFFAIRS: Supporters of the city-approved student district map must heed legitimate concerns and incorporate parts of Northside in order to avoid a referendum.

A district that excludes a large swath of student communities cannot be deemed fair and especially not ideal.
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