‘The first step’: UC brings job stability proposal to bargaining session with UC union

Union Protest
Nirvana Ellaboudy/File
After nearly 18 months of bargaining, UC lecturers remain without a contract that UC Office of the President, or UCOP, spokesperson Stett Holbrook said is long overdue. With a focus on job stability, UCOP proposed a 1-1-2-2 plan.

During its Wednesday bargaining session with the University Council-American Federation of Teachers, or UC-AFT, a union that represents librarians and non-Senate faculty, the UC Office of the President put forth a proposal on job stability, which UC-AFT President Mia McIver deemed “the first step” toward negotiating a contract that UC lecturers will accept.
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Illustration of Dr. Michael Drake, incoming UC president

Drake must prioritize equity, accessibility

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: Incoming UC president Michael Drake must work to address UC failures of adequate representation, compensation

Michael Drake will need to ensure UC workers and students always come before considerations of power, wealth or prestige.
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