Gov. Gavin Newsom signs bill to increase affordable housing for college students

photo of Clark Kerr
The enactment of SB 290 will create more affordable housing in California to help low-income students who are unable to live near their school’s campus. The bill encourages housing developers to build more units that accommodate a wider range of incomes.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 290, or SB 290, into law Sept. 28, to support affordable housing for low-income college students.
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A more perfect union: How 7 UC Berkeley faculty members changed history through unionizing almost 50 years ago

They voted to form an AFT council specific to the University of California, creating the University Council-AFT, which currently represents more than 3,300 librarians and non-Academic Senate faculty members such as lecturers, has staff on all 10 UC campuses and continues to enter into regular negotiations with the UC Office of the President, or UCOP, over salaries, job security, job roles and more.
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UC Board of Regents discusses budgets, academic programs, tuition plan

Members of the UC Board of Regents gathered at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center on Thursday to talk about the state and UC Office of the President, or UCOP, budgets for 2019-20, the board’s goals to improve and create more academic programs in the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and a proposition for a new cohort-based tuition plan.
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