UC Berkeley receives $25M grant for quantum computing research

UC Berkeley will be leading a $25 million Quantum Computing Center.
IBM Zurich Lab/Creative Commons
The National Science Foundation issued a $25 million grant to UC Berkeley as part of a multiuniversity initiative to conduct quantum computing research. (Photo by IBM Zurich Lab under CC BY 2.0)

UC Berkeley received a $25 million grant from the National Science Foundation to establish a multiuniversity initiative aiming to develop and understand quantum computing.
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Finding the sacred at Cal

On the Mark

As the bells echoed from the ancient tower, a timed procession descended the hill toward the ocean, past the garlanded ox skulls and over the meandering brook. Just another day at UC Berkeley. Well, Sather Tower might not be all that ancient, though to a 20-year-old it probably feels that
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Taking a gap decade

On the mark

After my gap decade or two, I’m back. Along the way, there came to be many stories to tell — stories that don’t fall neatly into the prefabricated categories of the college-to-career mill.
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Erwin Chemerinsky should address Palestine exception to free speech

Erwin Chemerinsky, the new dean of Berkeley Law, has been making waves in campus politics regarding free speech issues. Chemerinsky is a major constitutional law scholar, an outspoken liberal and a free speech absolutist. He’s the perfect figure to defend the UC Berkeley’s administration from people who are angry about
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