Necessary nonresidents

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: Faced with few other short-term options, UC officials should enroll more nonresident students, but larger changes are needed.

For years, the University of California has struggled to ensure that it maintains access for as many state residents as possible while also preserving its academic excellence. And while the university is clearly in need of dramatic structural changes to adapt to the recurring problems it faces, tough short-term decisions
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Obama outlines ‘blueprint’ for higher education in Friday speech

After President Barack Obama called the cost of college “the most daunting challenge” high school graduates currently face during Tuesday’s State of the Union address, he issued a challenge Friday to American universities: keep tuition down or risk losing funding. In a speech delivered at the University of Michigan Friday,
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UC Berkeley 21st in 2012 National University Rankings

US News and World Report released its annual National University Rankings Tuesday, ranking UC Berkeley 21st in a list topped by Harvard, Princeton and Yale. The rankings, which the report has released annually since 1985, included five other UC campuses in its top 50, including UCLA, which trailed four spots behind
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