Guilt-free daycare

Your Mom Goes To College

Rather than spending time counting the minutes of the day our children are in daycare while we are at work or school, mothers should focus on the time we do have at home with our kids.
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Wading through the grand narrative: The Yudof legacy

After presiding over the UC system during some of the most tumultuous five years in its history, Yudof stepped down Sunday to make way for former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. His departure signals the end of what may be the most significant chapter in Yudof’s decades-long career as an educator and administrator.
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Yudof leaves mixed legacy after nearly five-year tenure

UC President Mark Yudof announced Friday in a statement that he will step down at the end of August. Yudof cited “taxing health issues” and a desire to “make a change in (his) professional lifestyle” as reasons for the departure. After leaving, he will return to teaching law at UC
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Affirmative action: Fisher case could have far-reaching effects

Supreme Court to consider affirmative action lawsuit against the University of Texas

In this second of a four part series, we consider how Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, a debate examining the constitutionality of considering race in the university admissions process, will impact higher education admissions nationwide.
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UC files brief in support of race-based admissions policies

UC President Mark Yudof and the chancellors of all 10 UC campuses submitted a “friend of the court” brief Monday to the U.S. Supreme Court declaring support for the University of Texas in a contentious case challenging the use of race in undergraduate admissions.
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