Vagina Monologues: Not just another V-Day tradition

For some of us, February brings the promise of roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate; for others, the impending day of love brings no more than a few fruitless swipes on Tinder and a lonely Netflix binge. But while Valentine’s Day is ubiquitous, February also brings with it a less
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Picks of the week: Stay woke

When you’re bogged down by classes, keeping up to date and staying socially and culturally aware is hard. Stay in touch by checking out some of these events that will keep you #woke about the world around you. Tuesday: “I Got You, Babe” at Pro Arts Gallery in downtown Oakland
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Cultivating Solidarity through “The Vagina Monologues”

The director, producers, and performers of “The Vagina Monologues” speak to The Daily Californian about the importance of multiculturalism and community for this year’s production. Read the full article here. Filmed by Yuka Koshino Edited by Karen Lin Music by Amare Silva

The right to bare arms

Thinking Theology

I struggle with the emphasis on women’s modesty in my religion because I fear it risks misplacing culpability for women’s objectification and implying that a certain style of clothing or behavior can be a prerequisite for respect. Being a human being should be the prerequisite for respect, and while I’d argue that many religions, including my own, wholeheartedly agree, the principle gets lost amid discussions of just how long a woman’s skirt should be.
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Eve Ensler promotes new memoir in Oakland

'The Vagina Monologues' author discusses rape, abuse and cancer in 'In the Body of the World'

({}) What does this look like to you? A vagina? Yes. Are you embarrassed? Maybe. An emblem of sorts for V-Day, a global movement to end worldwide violence against women and girls, the purpose of this symbol is not shock value. Eve Ensler, the founder of V-Day, instead aims to
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