I am not what I eat

Off the Beat

I realized that the vegan diet was my vain effort to enact control over myself and my eating habits. Ironically, the more I clung to this sense of control, the more my life began to spiral.
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Are you going to eat that?

On the Mark

It all started with food. I grew up as a meat-and-potatoes Midwestern kid. My parents made a lot of casseroles. Tuna casserole, one of my mom’s go-tos, consisted of noodles, tuna, cream and breadcrumbs. Chinese Pie, aka Shepherd’s Pie, one of my dad’s specialties, was made of layered potatoes, peas
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UC Berkeley students: we’re 1 of a kind

The term “Berkeley bubble” exists for a reason. When you go back home and step back into the real world, you realize that some instinctive Berkeley habits may be out of place or simply unacceptable. Here’s a sampling of things that would fail to make you bat an eyelash at UC
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A brave new world of dietary lifestyles

Some of my grandma’s favorite stories to tell me are of the dinner parties she used to throw and attend when she was of college age. Friends, friends of friends, significant others and sometimes a stranger gathering together to share a good ‘ol-fashioned Texan dinner. The communality of sharing a
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Detour: Lactose and gnomes in Copenhagen

When I left Berkeley for a summer in Copenhagen, I was living a comfortable vegan lifestyle. Cared for by my co-op’s walk in refrigerator and larder of magical vegetable proteins, I had become both spoiled and complacent within a food paradise. Diversity of choice and accessibility were what gave me
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