Student advocate candidates discuss office’s role on campus

Jevon Cochran, Rachel Horning, Victor Martinez and Stacy Suh are running for ASUC student advocate this year.

Two candidates running for student advocate in the 2012 ASUC general election said the office could work to reach more students, while another candidate said he would change the responsibilities of the office dramatically if elected. Students will decide between independent candidate Stacy Suh, Defend Affirmative Action Party candidate Victor
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Defend Affirmative Action Party announces ASUC executive candidates

The Defend Affirmative Action Party has announced its executive candidates for the 2012 ASUC general election. The party is running on a five-point platform, promising to work toward a reversal of fee hikes, double underrepresented minority student enrollment, campaign for the passage of a federal DREAM Act, stop British Petroleum-funded
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