Shape up or ship out

Doors of Perception

To misquote Jane Austen, “If a truth is universally acknowledged, that a young girl in possession of any kind of media, must be in want of a better body.”
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Beauty, a bit on the nose

Cutting Room Floor

When I was 11, I would’ve sold my soul for a nose job. There isn’t anything particularly hideous about my nose. Its bridge rises higher than most Asian noses, forming a little bump before declining into a bulbous, downward-sloping tip. Its round shape even allows me to move the cartilage
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Victoria’s Secret and male body image

Sex on Tuesday

I expected that the pitfalls of body-image marketing, because its effect on women is pretty well known, would be easy to avoid. But when I flip through the pages and see perfectly chiseled eight-packs, luscious golden locks, acne-free skin and the goddamn perfect lip-bite technique I know gets panties soaked, I genuinely feel insecure.
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