Wildfire’s flame following COVID-19: Opendoor

photo of Wildfire app landing page on an iphone
Eliana Marcu/Staff
The community alert app Wildfire officially shut down July 11. A statement from the app's founders announced that Wildfire will be merging with real-estate app Opendoor.

One of the app’s co-founders, Hriday Kemburu, launched Wildfire as a way to keep college students informed and safe, according to Wildfire’s website. Since 2016, the Wildfire app has notified students at UC Berkeley and many other colleges of campus safety issues and emergencies, the website adds.
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CalSERVE sweeps all 4 partisan executive ASUC positions

ASUC Senate will retain similar proportions by party

Hundreds of people filed into Wheeler Auditorium on Thursday night to witness the results of this year’s ASUC elections, driving the room to a fever pitch of cheers as votes were tallied on a projector screen.
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Discussions of tuition hikes, city relationships arise in EAVP race

Two student candidates, campaigning on issues such as tuition hikes and partnerships with city government, as well as a satirical candidate — a hermit crab with a human proxy — are running for the ASUC office of external affairs vice president. The EAVP office is responsible for representing the ASUC’s position on
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