Fall 2013 Sports Awards

Varying sports from men's soccer to women's swim took the Fall 2013 Sports awards. (Credit from top left: Jim Shorin/ISIphotos.com/Courtesy, Carli Baker/File, Matt Lee/File, Katherine Chen/File).

Best Coach: Kevin Grimes (men’s soccer) A great player does not always make for a great coach, but in the case of Kevin Grimes, the two are not mutually exclusive. Like his players, Grimes is not short of accolades. He has won Pac-10 coach of the year five times and
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Giving credit where credit is due

From the press box at the Rose Bowl during Cal’s loss to UCLA last Saturday, I sent out a tweet that may have been perceived as a joke by some of my followers. “Lost in the minefield of inconsistency has been the play by Cal punter (Cole) Leininger so far.
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Cal falls to No. 22 Northwestern in season opener

Sonny Dykes, Jared Goff get off to promising start in first game in Memorial Stadium

In both head coach Sonny Dykes’ and true freshman quarterback Jared Goff’s first game for Cal, the Bears fell, 44-30, to No. 22 Northwestern in a close evening contest on Saturday. The Bears went up first off of a trick play that involved kicker Vince D’Amato and senior wide receiver Jackson
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