Mike Schubert, creator of podcast ‘Potterless,’ speaks at Berkeley Forum event

Photo of Mike Schubert
Olivia Moore/Staff
Mike Schubert created the podcast “Potterless” in 2018 on Spotify, and it increased significantly in popularity after it was featured on an editor’s pick list and the app’s homepage for more than two months. Schubert, who became a full-time podcaster after determining its financial feasibility, has also launched the podcasts “HORSE” and “Meddling Adults.”

Mike Schubert, creator of the podcast “Potterless,” spoke on his life and career at a virtual Berkeley Forum event Thursday, calling full-time comedy his “dream” job.
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Pop Vulture

I just want to be spoon-fed — but just a little. To that end, I watch TikTok compilations on Youtube. A lot of them are pleasingly titled “tiktoks endorsed by the CEO of comedy” or something along the lines of “tiktoks to help us forget death is certain for everyone on this Earth,” and what can I say? Whoever writes those titles should write copy. 
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Iconic vines that perfectly describe our summer vibez

School is out and it’s time to let all our post-final emotions out! As college students, we’re jaded and tired. We live in little worlds that are often ridiculously sad or comical, making us turn to memes and funny videos to cope. We shouldn’t be able to relate to a picture of
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