Berkeley city auditor releases report outlining city street deterioration

Photo of cracked concrete
Sunny Shen/File
According to Berkeley city auditor Jenny Wong, the streets in Berkeley are some of the worst in the Bay Area, and in 2018, the city’s pavement condition index was 59 out of 100.

On Thursday, Berkeley city auditor Jenny Wong released a report discussing the deterioration of city streets, the limited funds allocated to improving street quality and the inadequate guidelines being directed toward street paving.
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Here’s how you should vote on Berkeley’s four city measures

CITY AFFAIRS: This November, city measures address key issues ranging from housing to rent control. Here’s our take.

The Berkeley ballot for this midterm election takes on some of the city’s most pertinent issues, ranging from affordable housing to infrastructure improvements. Here’s The Daily Californian editorial board’s take on the city of Berkeley’s four proposed measures.
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