Democracy made easy: Your guide to a last-minute vote

Photo of an official ballot drop box
Antonio Martin/Staff
Regardless of age group, vote-by-mail ballots are often rejected because voters have returned them too late in the election season, failed to sign the envelope or did not ensure their signature matched that of their voter registration, according to the report.

Regardless of how you vote, make sure you cast your ballot before 8 p.m. or are in line by that time on Nov. 3. Your vote is super important!
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Demolished voting obstacles

STATE ISSUES: Legislation geared at simplifying the voter registration process will hopefully improve student-voter participation in California.

By the time the next presidential election comes around, California should see significantly higher turnout among student voters. Through some landmark legislation, the state took remarkable steps toward easing restrictions on voting. A system for online voter registration was launched last Wednesday as the result of a previously passed state
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A vote for democracy

STATE ISSUES: We support a California bill that would allow voter registration on Election Day, benefiting students and the state as a whole.

Even in the 2008 election, which had the highest percentage turnout in decades, more than one-third of the country’s 18-and-over population did not vote. Assembly Bill 1436, which would allow California voter registration on Election Day, probably would not make a huge dent in that statistic.
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