The United States of Patriarchy

Thinking Outside the Binary

While Trump may have empowered some men to feel as though they can proudly say and do racist and misogynistic things, in the end, these systems of thought were in place well before Trump came into office.
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Photo of vote sign

Photo Essay: 2020 Election

On Tuesday, registered American voters all over the country upheld their civic duty: the right and responsibility to vote. Although many voters mailed in or dropped off their ballots to minimize exposure to COVID-19 on Election Day, voting locations across the nation and in Alameda County were active in making
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The water is boiling

The changes to how we live may not have inherently adverse effects. I’m not arguing that access to more information is all bad, but it can heighten existing feelings of pessimism, exhaustion and stress surrounding the election. It effectively increases the heat on the already steaming water.
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