photo of Kino Farr

Now you’ve seen me

Now you see me

I’ve put in too much work for myself and my experiences to become just another column — just another set of stories.
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Forever in a box

Laminated ink

As much as I rejoice in spilling my guts to a modest readership of unknown strangers and cheerleader-like family relatives, I halt myself from giving away everything.
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Exploiting my life for content

Impulsive Coward

This column has been my little corner of the internet where I can write about my life, but as intimate as it feels, it’s scary how easy it is for anyone to find it.
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Venturing into vulnerability

American Pie?

We ought to venture inside, to see what vulnerability we can discover within ourselves without the performative exhibitionism encouraged by our world.
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The making of love

Sex on Tuesday

I wear the loves I’ve accrued in every facet of my personality, letting the romances of my life sculpt who I am and what I want. And I’d argue that love creates all the ingredients required for exemplary sex.
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