‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ revels in absurd opulence

Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” closely follows the memoir of Wall Street swindler Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), capitalizing on the immoral, excessive and obscene antics that paved his road to wealth and power. A salesman and a scam artist who made
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Imagining a sane GOP

The Devil's Advocate

The Republican Party’s best possible argument against government intervention in the economy is that it has negative unintended consequences — in particular, that it harms the vulnerable. Of course, this isn’t usually the case — government programs, from Pell Grants to food stamps, have helped expand opportunity and lift millions
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Letter: Jan. 24

Op-ed perpetuated misleading claims about UC administration In his recent op-ed “UC funding fight continues,” Nicolas Kitchel rightly congratulates students for rallying behind Proposition 30 and helping to stave off crippling cuts to the University of California. But in his call for continued student activism, he recycles the tired and
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The Electoral College: A sign of deeper problems in American democracy

The Critic Who Counts

Something about Vice President Joe Biden’s snarky smirks in his debate against Paul Ryan tells me he wouldn’t work too well with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And something about Mitt Romney’s twist of the hokey and the debonair tells me he wouldn’t appreciate Biden’s quaint quirkiness. There’s been more
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An occupational hazard

The pesky disturbance to South Manhattan’s normally robust power lunch crowd, known as “Occupy Wall Street,” could be bad for business. If the menacing protests keep up, we could see productivity drop and profits fall. And not just for greedy waitresses and restaurateurs. Sure, escaping back home to the Upper East
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