Television’s new golden age

Breaking down the highlights and snubs from this year’s Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards, much like their film, theater and music counterparts, are annually greeted with both excited buzz and exhausted indifference.
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Breaking Bad: “Felina” kisses us goodbye

Welp, it’s over. After five years of one of the most engaging and exciting shows on TV in a long time, last night we finally saw the end of former chemistry teacher-meth kingpin-all around horrible person Walter White’s corrosive saga. Time to mourn, or just look for a new show
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TV Land: AMC knows drama

“What’s happened?” It’s a good question to ask in regards to any TV show. What’s happened? Where is this show going? Why did I just find my remote in the freezer next to the mozzarella sticks? They’re all important inquiries with equally vital answers. Save that last question. All you
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