How to succeed amid the madness of March

Lucy Tang/Staff

Madness. Mania. Mayhem. March. All those triggering ‘M’ words probably had you waiting for the dreaded mention of midterms, but we’re referring to something much more important. March Madness.  With the tournament bracket being announced this Sunday, you’ve still got a hot minute to conduct a few quick Google searches
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Birgie named one of the most powerful people in the world

What do Mark Zuckerberg, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Bashar al-Assad, Warren Buffett and our soon-to-be former chancellor all have in common? Not a whole lot, you’d think — except for power. Lots and lots of power. has come up with a list of the 500 most powerful people on
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The Electoral College: A sign of deeper problems in American democracy

The Critic Who Counts

Something about Vice President Joe Biden’s snarky smirks in his debate against Paul Ryan tells me he wouldn’t work too well with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And something about Mitt Romney’s twist of the hokey and the debonair tells me he wouldn’t appreciate Biden’s quaint quirkiness. There’s been more
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Spending time

Life in the Matrix

Everything takes time. Natural processes — like tectonic movement and its homo sapiens analogue, gestation — take a certain amount of time, no more and no less. For example, a major earthquake splits the Hayward Fault open every 140 years, on average. No use worrying: Just keep calm and carry
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