Isabel is … Hosting a Pool Party

Exploring the Bay

Nothing signals the arrival of a long Californian summer like a pool party. At the first opportunity barbecues sizzle, sunscreen is slathered onto resisting children and beers are chilled for the grown-ups. No parties are more meticulously planned than those on the Fourth of July. For my family, the day
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The simplest summer salad

The whole point of eating a salad is to be able to taste every ingredient as it is, i.e. in its most natural, unaltered state. Indeed, that’s only possible when you keep your condiments or dressing to a bare minimum. Most incarnations of watermelon salads make use of a light vinaigrette dressing, which after you try our version, will seem completely redundant.
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5 fruits and veggies to cook this summer

During the school year we can often get caught up in a cycle of studying for midterms and bingeing on junk food. Summer provides us the extra time we need to abandon instant ramen in favor of cooking bright and healthy meals. We at the Clog have come up with fun ways to incorporate the fruits and vegetables currently in season into your diet.
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