Campus CFO to step down at end of September

UC Berkeley Chief Financial Officer Erin Gore is stepping down at the end of the month after four years of helping oversee new campus financial initiatives to aid students. Gore’s major projects during her time on campus included helping to establish the first comprehensive campuswide budget plan and overseeing the
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Downtown Shattuck: shaped by buses, ferries and trains

Downtown Shattuck Avenue has undergone several generations of mass transit, the relics and pieces of which are integrated into the restaurants there today. In the pioneering days, the mile-long pier that once docked ferries to and from San Francisco dropped off passengers at Center and Shattuck. Now Center Street is
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Walking a fine line

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: Moving money away from big banks may be commendable, but ideology should not be the sole motivating factor.

While America’s biggest financial institutions certainly played their part in the economic recession that persists today, it’s hard to exact meaningful punishments on them. Unethical behavior, after all, isn’t necessarily illegal behavior. Right on the heels of Berkeley City Council’s Jan. 31 decision to consider alternatives to banking with Wells
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