Campus announces increase in resources for multicultural student development

Matt Lee/Staff
The Multicultural Community Center, located in Hearst Annex, is home to several campus development porgrams that recently received additional funding to expand resources.

This fall, the UC Berkeley Multicultural Student Development (MSD) programs will undergo a series of changes which will upgrade the services of the African American Student Development Programs, Asian Pacific American Student Development Programs, and Chicano/Latino Student Development Programs.
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Intent doesn’t equal impact

CAMPUS ISSUES: The offensive quinceanera party thrown by the Delta Chi fraternity reflects deeper problems within the community.

One of the first lessons learned about cultural sensitivity on a campus such as Berkeley’s is that just because you don’t intend for something to be racist, that doesn’t mean it isn’t. The offensive quinceanera-themed party thrown by the Delta Chi fraternity on the night of Sept. 21 is a
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