Again, campus falls short

CAMPUS ISSUES: The campus’s failures responding to the Sept. 30 explosion, detailed in a recent report, suggest a recurring problem.

A report released earlier this month evaluating the campus’s response to the Sept. 30 explosion confirmed what many affected might have already suspected: UC Berkeley administrators’ shortcomings, which unnecessarily protracted the amount of time students were left trapped, panicked or confused, resulted from communication failure. By now, administrators’ communication breakdowns have
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Chancellor Robert Birgeneau

CAMPUS ISSUES: As UC Berkeley prepares to welcome a new chancellor, students should respect the legacy that Chancellor Birgeneau leaves behind.

During Robert Birgeneau’s nearly nine years as the chancellor of UC Berkeley, he led the campus as it weathered an unprecedented challenge. While the state slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from the University of California’s budget, he fought to maintain the quality of education at this institution against all
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The UC’s $1 million mistake

UNIVERSITY ISSUES: An expensive settlement regarding last fall’s pepper-spraying incident at UC Davis could have been avoided by the university.

The University of California shouldn’t need to pay about $1 million to settle a lawsuit stemming from mismanagement of campus protests. If UC Davis set better policy prior to November 2011, when police pepper-sprayed a group of peaceful protesters, a lawsuit wouldn’t be necessary. But the university failed to avoid
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‘Restless Farewell’

CAMPUS ISSUES: Despite a rocky finish, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau’s leadership has seen UC Berkeley through a very trying era of its history.

Most students at UC Berkeley cannot remember a time when the campus was not continually shaken by budgetary concerns — when the cost of their education wasn’t constantly being launched to greater heights. Neither can Robert J. Birgeneau, who will be resigning his post as chancellor here in December. Though
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Drawing on Occupy movement, protesters turn out en masse

Large turnout at Wednesday’s Day of Action showed signs that UC Berkeley’s signature student protest movement, widely perceived to have been losing its muster in recent years, may have found strength in the nationwide Occupy movement. After more than two years of protests that decreased in size, Wednesday’s demonstration saw
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