Drinking done right

Kirti Poddar/Creative Commons

With classes coming to an end soon and summer quickly approaching, your weekday drinking may increase because there’s no 8 a.m. class for you to feel guilty about showing up hungover for or just completely skipping. The Clog has constructed an updated list of day-of-the-week drinking titles to make sure
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Off the beat: Show up to parties on time, idiots

My only two friends are bottles: a Jack Daniels fifth and a whiskey mixer. They’re sitting together, a perfect pair, as I recline in my chair, alternating swigs from each. A glass full of whiskey sour lies untouched near my feet. My eyes glaze over into a soft focus. I’m half concentrated on the Xbox game I’m playing and half concentrated on the question of when to take my next swig from the whiskey bottle.
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Eureka! to open in Berkeley

Eureka! is scheduled to open in Berkeley Oct. 28 at 2068 Center St. The grand opening will be in November. Starting in 2009 in Redlands, Southern California, the Eureka! enterprise has established itself as a burger restaurant with a higher-end atmosphere and gourmet food at an affordable price. All items on
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