Recognizing my white privilege

The Half of It

As I unpack the implications of doing racial justice work as a white-passing womxn, I realize that recognizing my white privilege does not invalidate my identity as a Chinese womxn and a person of color.
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Only half

Cal in Color

When I was seven years old, my white uncle called me a worthless n-word in the middle of an argument. As I sobbed uncontrollably at my grandmother’s feet, I realized that racism can trump family. Being half- Black and half-white, I fall in between two identities. I realized then that
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Sex on Tuesday

Confession: I have never been in a committed relationship. I’ve also never held a boy’s hand in public or passionately made out under the twinkling twilight with someone I’ve had strong feelings for. In fact, I haven’t had strong feelings for another gay man in my life. Usually, I dupe
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Socially acceptable white items after Labor Day

Most of us have heard of the fashion rule “don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Apparently, Labor Day marks the end point for summer fashion and the incoming of fall fashion. Personally, we at the Clog have never quite understood this phenomenon. But a week past that fateful day, we’ve caught ourselves thinking up some sneaky and socially acceptable ways to incorporate white into our lives even after Labor Day.
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Portfolio: Poems about race

Diaspora By Leon Barros Salterns harvest the ocean Don’t you know all Filipinos pray facing Manila is barren Nothing grows there anymore It is tradition to salt cities asphyxiate soil make sure you can never come back I smell brimstone from 3,000 miles away The sun rises in the west
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White Girl Problems

As a white person, race can sometimes be an awkward thing to talk about. So the recent incident at Elmwood Cafe in Berkeley involving comedian W. Kamau Bell has left me with questions about racism in my backyard and the role that I play in combating it. Bell was greeting
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Internationality does not excuse racism

A Whole New World

Racial stereotyping jokes were the norm at my international high school, because they were the only way we knew to survive. The problematic aspects of such jokes became clear to me only after I’d graduated.
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