Illustration of four AC Transit buses driving around Telegraph, with two of the buses bearing the labels "COVID SAFE" and "ZERO EMISSION".

How to save AC Transit

Buses are the linchpin to ensuring that we stop global warming, stop rising inequality and get people where they need to go safely.
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Bigger than us

Changing the game

One day we’ll once again be part of a crowded stadium cheering alongside people we don’t know, but cheer with us. Whenever that day comes, we’ll appreciate it and we will value it more than we ever have before.
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Support your local grammar asshole

Are you familiar with that killjoy who never fails to inflict shame on you when you slip up on your grammar? Hi. I’m Andrea, and I’m a grammar asshole. You either know one or are one, and oddly enough, we come in handy every once in a while. The time
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