Whole Foods sued by current, former employees over dress code

Whole Foods Market Berkeley
Cesar Ruiz/Staff
Whole Foods is facing a class-action lawsuit, as former and current employees allege that the company terminated workers or made them feel unwelcome for wearing attire supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Current and former Whole Foods employees filed a class-action lawsuit Monday against the company for allegedly barring them from wearing Black Lives Matter attire at work.
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Winter is coming: how to prepare

Winter is coming … sort of. The heat wave hasn’t gone away yet, but it is starting to get slightly colder. While the weather is unpredictable, here are a couple of things to be prepared for in case the weather decides to flip a 180 and nip us in the butt.  
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A survey of Berkeley’s major grocery stores

Paying an extra dollar for an essential good does not seem like much. But this can add up to a big portion of your budget in the long run. To help Cal students decide where to shop, the Clog surveyed major grocery stores in Berkeley and compiled a list of their prices for
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