Illustration of eight measures on the ballot, each one represented by a circular icon.

Here’s how you should vote on Berkeley’s 8 city measures

CITY AFFAIRS: 8 crucial measures are on Berkeley residents' ballots this election season. Here are The Daily Californian Editorial Board’s takes on how residents should vote this November.

Here are The Daily Californian Editorial Board’s takes on each of the measures and how residents should vote this November. 
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Photo Essay: Wildfire Smoke

On Wednesday, California residents woke up to their cities enveloped in a dark, orange-red sky, thick with particles of smoke. Though the orange-red hue morphed into a heavy, pale smog later in the day, the atmosphere demonstrated just how alarming climate change is. In the apocalyptic, orangish light that foreshadowed
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Illustration of a California landscape littered with fire hazards, with a fire looming in the distance

PG&E law won’t solve perennial fire crises

STATE AFFAIRS: CA, localities must invest in firefighting infrastructure, vegetation maintenance, community shelters

Lawmakers cannot foist all the blame onto PG&E, nor can utility reforms alone protect the state. In the past three years, Californians have witnessed the two largest fires in state history.
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We need to use modern technologies to prevent wildfires

Uncontrolled, large-scale fires are growing in number and will increasingly affect more communities beyond the immediate fire zone. These fires will continue to threaten countries around the globe and drain their resources until effective fire-management protocols are in place. With California at the center of this problem, we must look
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Settled in myself

Off the Beat

Three summers ago, I stood in my neighborhood and watched a strip of fire burn on the distant mountainside across the San Fernando Valley. Last winter, we felt the threat of fire as dry winds blew our windows open and the Thomas Fire burned in nearby Ventura County. With each
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Vote yes on Measure R

Many of us are aware of the increasing threat of climate change that faces our planet. In Berkeley, in our classes and in our community, we often discuss sustainability and renewable energy and we push for environmentally friendly initiatives with a grand goal of protecting the earth — but what
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