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Overcoming time famine: How to maximize our time and happiness

We are full of things which propel us outwards. Our instinct leads us to believe we must seek our happiness outside ourselves. — Blaise Pascal, Pensées and Other Writings    “Time is money.” “A race against time.” “Time flies…” In today’s time-obsessed culture where our lives are dictated by calendars,
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Unchecked boxes

Sex on Tuesday

Part of me cannot help but wonder if this is what getting older is: a constant sacrifice of a personal life in pursuit of accomplishments.
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Pop Vulture

Business communications platforms have always struggled with the appropriate amount of transparency. Email is too life-threateningly dull for a real group conversation; does everyone need to know or care about why you canceled this week?
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UC academic researchers need better working conditions

Academic Researchers, or ARs, are the backbone of the UC system’s world-renowned research mission. Academic researchers conduct experiments, write grants, mentor colleagues and run research labs. Our cutting-edge work in areas such as biotechnology, medicine, agriculture and green energy leads to almost $5 billion in grant revenue each year. In
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