5 reasons Cal might be the easiest time of your life

So you’re at the No. 1 public university in the country. Living up to the prestige of our cherished school is probably the most difficult experience you’ve ever had in your life. But despite all the stress — the early morning classes and late night paper-writing — college is a wonderful time,
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Will work for school

Broke in Berkeley

Come into the office and demonstrate your ability to transcribe. After the test, we’ll ask you some questions.” It sounded simple enough, but I had never done it before. I chewed my pencil and desperately tried to keep up with the recording. The interviewers walked back in, and I braced
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A Life Well Wasted

Internet podcast host Robert Ashley uncovers the most compelling untold video game stories.

In listening to Ashley’s Internet radio show “A Life Well Wasted,” a show about “video games and the people who love them,” you probably will not learn much about the newest video games. You could call it “This American Life” for people who love video games, but even that wouldn’t capture the amount of editing and attention to detail Ashley puts into his show.
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