Lovable Losers

I don’t know why I love the Cubs so much. They are consistent losers. Despite the historical mysticism, Wrigley Field is an outdated dump — my first seat at the park was directly behind a large support pole. But I do know that I love my family. I love being in Chicago. I love sitting in my grandfather’s den and watching him angrily storm out. I love Portillos, and I love laughing with my family.
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Bold predictions for 2017

2016 was a completely unpredictable year. The Cubs won the World Series. Creepy clowns roamed the streets at night. Snapchat took someone else’s face and put it on your face. Although everyone is relieved that 2016 is finally behind us, we’ve no reason to believe that 2017 will be any
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Owners and donors

Sports with Sophie

I was scrolling through the MLB section of “Sporting News,” pleased with the multitude of headlines that praised the Chicago Cubs for their performance on the road to the playoffs so far, when a less attractive article regarding my home team caught my eye. The headline read “Joe Ricketts plans
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